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Explain to that some people believe that “I’m can’t do anything right” and others believe that “I am proud of the things that I do well” Tell the students that you will be reading a story about a boy who once believed that he couldn’t do anything right and that you’ll want to know what they think after you read it.

Read part one of the following story:

PRIDE STORY - Part One: Once upon a time there was a boy named Carlos. He didn’t do very much at school because he didn’t believe that he could. Other boys and girls seemed to know how to write all their letters but Carlos had a hard time with writing. He kept mixing up his b’s and his d’s. He thought to himself, “I’m not smart like everyone else.” Carlos didn’t like gym very much. He would watch sadly as the other boys and girls played catch. He knew that he couldn’t always catch the balls. He thought to himself, “Why should I even try. I know I’ll never be as smart or as athletic as everbody else. I just can’t do anything right”.

Ask students the following questions to promote the understanding that we can choose be proud of what we do well and do our best to improve what we don’t do as well.


Do you that Carlos can’t do anything right?

Do you think that we all have to be great at everything?

Do you think that it’s okay that we have to work harder at some things and that we do well at other things?

Do you think that Carlos might do well at something?

What do you have to work hard at?

What do you do well at?

Explain to the students that Carlos learned and began to believe that he could be proud of what he does well and work to do better at what he doesn’t do well. Read part two of the following story:

PRIDE STORY - Part Two: As Carlos sat in gym feeling sorry for himself, he noticed a boy playing catch and missing most of the balls. As Carlos began to feel bad for the boy, he noticed that every time the boy missed a ball, he would laugh! He didn’t seem to feel bad about it at all. Carlos was so curious about it that he went over to the boy and asked, “Why don’t you feel bad when you drop the ball?”. The boy answered, “I know that I’m not very good at catching balls, but I’ll keep trying and I’ll get better one of these days. I don’t worry about it because I know that I can run really fast. I’m really good at running and I’m proud of that! What are you good at?” Carlos thought for a minute and answered, “I’m pretty good at drawing and painting.” The boy answered, “That’s cool. How about if I show you how I run at recess and you show me your paintings”. Then Carlos and his new friend played catch together with big smiles on their faces.

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